5th International Conference of Ecopsychology


Dr. Jorge Conesa-Sevilla

Jorge Conesa-Sevilla completed a BA, triple degree in biology, psychology, and philosophy at Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA (1984-89). As a student, he worked for the California Dept. of Fish and Game. He obtained MA and PhD degrees in experimental psychology from The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH (1989-96). Jorge’s research, theoretical, and applied interests have been in the areas of psychobiology, psychophysics, neuro-cognition (psycho-aesthetics and short-term memory), and sleep disorders (Isolated Sleep Paralysis).

He has also produced work in the areas of biosemiotics, deep ecology, evolutionary psychology, and ecopsychology. Presently, he is actively engaged in formulating scientific (evidence-based) proposals for testing and applying “ecopsychology.” He served as the Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the journal, The Trumpeter, the longest-lived environmental ethics philosophy journal in North America (since 1983). A long time resident of California (Eureka), he now resides in Hawai’i. When not teaching, Jorge is hiking and tracking feral pigs in the foothills of Haleakala.

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