5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Psychologist-Psychotherapist, URUGUAY (English and Spanish)


SECTION: Psychotherapy and Mental Health
TITLE: Experiences of transformation during EES Training and Psychotherapy
PRESENTATION: Lecture, Workshop


ABSTRACT (Lecture)
Does psychoecotherapy work for clients? What are the benefits? What’s the difference with other psychotherapeutic practices? Is it applicable to all? These and other questions arise when working with an innovative proposal to the field of psychology.


Psychoecotherapy is a transformative instance, that surprises both the client and the therapist, as nature awakens innumerable internal resources through countless external resources. During the conference, examples of working with this approach will be narrated.


The different situations faced to solve the organization of the practice will be explored, seeking to ensure customer privacy outdoors. Examples of application of psychoecotherapy within the office will also be exposed.


To start thinking in a theory of techniques that defines the Psychoecotherapy, the author shares the results in her work within her prívate practice and during EES Training in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.


ABSTRACT (Workshop- Native American Ceremonies as psychoecotherapeutic tools.)
The workshop consists in a brief PowerPoint presentation and the subsequent experience of a simple ceremony, introducing the main psychological aspects that the practice of ceremonies encourages. These are key issues to perceive the individual / ecological unconscious union, that subtly work at increasing an individual’s ability to expand consciousness.


Ceremonies in nature stimulate our capacity to feel, our vitality and sense of the sacred, unlike the reducing ability of rational thought. These psychological aspects are little or not at all stimulated by the Western culture in which we live.


To reconnect the individual with the ecological unconscious is necessary to provide spaces where to feel that connection, that in fact, was never lost. The ceremonies are an invaluable tool that provides the perfect framing for that experience to occur.


Psychologist, graduated Psychotherapist, post-graduated in psychotherapy for children, teenagers, adults and groups in Gestalt at the Centro Gestáltico de Montevideo, and Analytical Psychology at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Ecopsychologist since 2007 when she was recognized charter for EES in her country.


She has been working in her private practice as a psychotherapist for 20 years at Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay.


Director of the Centro de Ecopsicología del Uruguay.


President of the European Ecopsychology Society (EES) until 2017.


She dictates EES Training for Uruguay since 2011.


Ethics teacher for psychologysts at the UNIFA (Uruguay).


She has been leading ecopsychologycal retreats, seminars and workshops in nature since 2007, as well as native American ceremonies for women, general public and families.


Author of the book “Así Como Adentro Afuera, la Ecopsicología”, and of several articles in magazines. Professional Website: http://www.ecopsicologia.com.uy/