5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



GREECE (English)


SECTION: Personal growth and Ecological Relationships
TITLE: Place attachment and the meaning of home



Home is a complex constuct that carries a variety of meanings related to its personal as well as to its social aspects.The main theoretical framework of this study is situated within the phenomenological paradigm of the subjective experience of home and it is primarily based on the transactional psychological theories of Place Attachment (Giuliani, 2003). In this respect, the concept of attachment to mother or primary carer as introduced by J. Bowlby, is further developed and explored in relation to the bond formation with meaningful place(s). Thus, the basic objective of this study is an attempt to expore the meaning(s) of home in its individual as well as in its social aspects within a particular cultural context, that is of a modern urban city setting. Post-industrial urban environments, like the area of Attica where the present study is conducted, offer a dynamic context on which “home” is being experienced.


Studies:B.A, in psychology, MSc in Psychology and Health (Stirling University), MA jn Cultural Studies and Human Communication (University of Athens), Phd cand in social psychology (Panteion University). Current working position: psychologist in prevention and promotion of psychosocial health (Athens school community)