5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Cyber-Physicist, ITALY (English)


SECTION: Ecology and Environmental Education
TITLE: Harmonic geometry


We will examine geometric forms beginning from the most basic, as the platonic solids, or the spirals, both Archimedean and logarithmic one, the so called gold spiral, showing as the latter – based on the Fibonacci progression – is always part of the Natural world: from flowers to galaxies.


More complex forms will then be shown and examined, like the Flower of Life, the Tree of Life, to get to the Indian tradition with the Yantras (particularly Sri Yantra), and Mandalas, and finally to forms that couldn’t be drawn until a few years ago, as fractals.


The workshop will be based on the most interactivity possible, examining together forms of the past and forms of the present, learning how to draw them. There aren’t actually forms of the past, because each of these is resonating in the deep of our minds and souls today as they were hundreds or thousand years a ago.


Bruno Gentili – Italian Cyber-Physicist with a passion for Mathematics and Computer Science, analyst programmer and Yoga teacher. Researcher in new sciences, in spirituality for vocation and connections between the two, like harmonic geometry is, for the commitment toward life. Leades workshops “Understanding complexity”, “Spirals, labyrinths and Sacred geometry” “The art of reading I Ching and the Landscape”, Therapeutical Gardens” within Ecopsiché, the Italian School of Ecopsychology.