5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Psychologist, Charter in Chile,
CHILE (Spanish)


SECTION: Ecology and Environmental Education
TITLE: Collective action frames Global Ecovillage Movement
Mediations, Communities and Social Networks in the Construction of Sustainable Paradigm.




In this exhibition the results of the doctoral research in the framework of collective action of the Global Ecovillage Movement as an expression of a transforming social action that promotes opportunities for mobilization at the global level and peculiarities in their repertoires of mobilization are studied are presented locally. The overall objective of this thesis is the study of collective action frames representations contained in the Global Ecovillage Movement provides about himself and his environment on their websites. It conducted a content analysis of websites, complementing the analysis with the contents of documents drawn up in moving and interviewing participants. The analysis of the use of internet, its recruitment function, space for collaboration and links to other web sites will be exhibited; participation and collective action as politicization of everyday life; worldview, characterization criteria and identity processes of the participants; the organization and operation of the projects of the movement, its horizontal structures, collaborative work oriented and participatory development; the networks that make up the movement, the relationship with the environment and way of coordination; the propositional frameworks for social change and development models for the future presented as a solution to the systemic crisis. Finally, components of collective action frames (Gamson, 1992, 1995), the processes of alignment marks (Snow et al, 1986), and teachers frames (Snow and Benford, 1992) are discussed.



Claudio Pereira Salazar. Social psychologist, Coach, Academician, Researcher, Consultant and Permacultor. Doctorate in Communication, Social Change and Development (AED), Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Master in Anthropology and Development, University of Chile. Psychologist, University of Valparaiso. Permaculture Design Certificate (CDP) Ecoescuela El Manzano (Permaculture Research Institute accredited course). Graduate in Theatre Skills Psychotherapy, Institute of Psychiatry and Psychology, Santiago de Chile. Training course in Transpersonal Psychology. School Navegantes. Ecotopia Foundation. Madrid, Spain. Diploma in Film Studies, University of Valparaiso. Primordial Coaching training and primal dance teacher in the School of Integral Transpersonal Psychology. Training Dreaming Dragon model for the generation of regenerative projects and participatory strategic planning. Providing training in the course of Elder Road Institute for Facilitation and Change. He serves as an academic at the School of Psychology, the Master of Social Intervention Advanced and Master of Public Health at the University of Punjab. Member of the research group Intercultural, Speech and Education of the Faculty of Humanities and Education and Research Group Sustainable Rural Development, Department of Social Sciences of the UBB. Inter counselor and Intercultural Education Network Consortium of Universities of the State of Chile. Member of the Chilean Institute of Permaculture and Bio Bio Transition network, promoting community projects for Sustainable Development and Regeneration Ecosocial. Team member teachers ecovillage design course (EDE) in Ecoescuela El Manzano. Specialized Mentor GAIA U AMERICA.


Professional Wesite: http://ecopsicologiachile.blogspot.it/