5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Certified yoga instructor, USA-HAWAII (English)


SECTION: Ecology and Environmental Education
TITLE: Dynamic Reciprocity: Moving from Linear Systems to Circular Ones


Human survival and well-being is inter-dependent on a large, indefinite amount of other species and elements in our ecosystems. Linear, industrial-growth systems are depleting, end-wasting, and polluting these species and elements at an alarming rate. A conscious shift in ideology, culture, lifestyle, and technology, is called for to meet human needs in a more reverent, consciously reciprocal manner. This dissertation examines ways to cultivate awareness of the profound dynamic exchange we participate in with partners in the natural world and ways we can consciously reciprocate in these relationships to promote the proliferation of these partner species and enjoy mutual flourishing. An exploration of various interdisciplinary approaches to thinking in terms of closed loop, circular systems is given, drawing on contemplative practices, ecology principles, Indigenous wisdom, permaculture design, systems thinking, and life cycle assessment.


Danielle is a graduate from Naropa University’s Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Ecopsychology. She holds a BA in interdisciplinary studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA and currently residing in Maui, HI, she is a yoga instructor, wellness coach, avid gardener, and permaculture enthusiast.