5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



BA, MRes, DPhil, PG Dip. Psychology & Counselling,
UK (English)


SECTION: Psychoecotherapy and Mental Health
TITLE: Eudemonic Awakening


After offering an explanation of eudemonia, the presentation will focus on how the natural environment is able to provide optimal conditions to elicit a eudemonic awakening. Importantly, transpersonal and existential modes of understanding will be examined to locate people’s experiencing while engaged with nature. Of particular interest is the quality of reported emotional states as indicators of the transformative effect of nature on the human condition one that relates to a psychotherapeutic understanding of the human condition and that resonates strongly with nature-based experiences. There are important opportunities within nature to contribute towards a eudemonic life developed through relational, reflexive, and emotional mechanisms. Experiential accounts will be provided to strengthen the argument for the inclusion of eudemonic philosophy within nature based therapies.


He is an environmental psychologist with a particular interest in how direct experiences of the natural environment may positively impact emotional well-being. He is currently a senior lecturer in psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. He is also a practising humanistic counsellor with an interest in better understanding the role of existential, relational and transpersonal factors in the facilitation of well-being in the natural environment.He is a practicing therapist with a research interest in the psychological benefits derived from being in close contact with nature in its many forms.He is particularly interested in harnessing nature as a therapeutic medium.