5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Tree Girl, USA (English)


SECTION: Psychoecotherapy and Mental Health
TITLE: Forest Ecotherapy


Forest Ecotherapy is a new modality of ecotherapy in which nature does the healing for the mind, body, heart and spirit within a forest setting. Scientific research out of Japan proves extensive psychological and mental health benefits from the mindful, sensory awareness practice of shinrin-yoku – “bathing in the medicine of the forest”.


Julianne’s modality of forest ecotherapy weaves together her experience as forest therapy guide, naturalist, arborist, shamanic practitioner, and 20 years of intimate encounters with trees to reconnect people with the life force energy of trees and nature.


As well as leading forest ecotherapy sessions with men and women, Julianne photographs herself in the nude with notable trees from around the world, capturing moments of authentic and dynamic intertwining with nature. She also leads immersive retreats and adventures for women as invitations to love our bodies and the body of the Earth, and to return home to the companionship of nature.


After explaining the benefits of forest ecotherapy, she will lead us in a series of experiential activities outdoors with the trees, as well as show her nude photography from her most recent adventures.


Julianne has taught experiential environmental education, environmental art and environmental conservation for almost ten years, integrating ecopsychology into her teaching. As TreeGirl, environmental art photographer, she travels around the world to photograph herself with some of the most amazing trees in the world, inviting others into the intimacy and soulful engagement with Nature.She is the former Co-Director of The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, where she led forest therapy walks and developed a training program for forest therapy guides.She has integrated ecopsychology into her teaching curriculum in higher education for years. As TreeGirl she practices her own ecotherapy as he photographs herself in intimate encounters with trees, and lead groups of women in forest ecotherapy/naked tree photography retreats. Her upcoming book combines ecopsychology, natural history and fine art photography.