5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Psychologist-Psychotherapist (BSc., Msc.), Ecopsychotherapist,
EES Charter in Greece, GREECE (English)


SECTION: Psychoecotherapy and Mental Health
TITLE: Τhe Contribution of Ecopsychology to Souls in Crisis in a World in Crisis


Our modern society is facing a lot of changes-values, insecurity, ecological problems, financial crisis. For some countries this is more intense and has various faces. It is the time where different approaches have come to the scene to give their own views and solutions. It is the time that ecopsychology can have a big part in reminding our natural sources of resistance and recreation of our natural self. In this lecture, this issue is going to be discussed-how is able ecopsychology to contribute to our modern society to transform people per se, or society as a whole towards problems that affect ourselves, our human society and the planet. What this approach can offer to our modern world to survive and positively develop towards a better survival and improvement as a whole inner and outer system.


Was born and raised in Athens. She studied Psychology with Clinical Psychology at the University of Kent, U.K. and continued graduate studies -Master in Mental Health at the University of London (King’s College), where she followed direction in Dynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. In Greece she continued specialization in STAPP (Short-term anxiety provoking psychotherapy) for 2 years.


At the same time she has been trained in diagnosis and remediation of dyslexia, psychometric tools and took seminars in mental health of children and adolescents and their families. She has participated as a speaker in numerous national and international conferences, she writes articles in magazines and daily newspapers and has holdings in most television media as a guest expert. Her special relationship with nature, in 2006, directed her in Ecopsychology, when she became a member of the European Ecopsychology Society.


In 2009 she received the Diploma of Professional Development in Ecopsychology from the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow. Later she became Dolphin Therapist from Alpha Therapy Institute in Austria. Today is officially recognized as a charter of the European Ecopsychology Society(EES) in Greece by establishing the “Hellenic Ecopsychology Society” and promotes Ecopsychology in Greece as a practitioner and trainer.


Professional Websites: http://ecopsychology.gr