5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Psychologist, counselor supervisor and journalist,
ITALY (English)
SECTION: Personal growth and Ecological Relationships
TITLE: Seven ways for Applied Ecopsychology
SECTION: Personal growth and Ecological Relationships
TITLE: EcoCounseling


Ecopsychology’s principles are useful in so many different areas. In the Italian Ecopsychology School, they are collected in seven main areas:

  1. Personal dimension, self-development and self-realization
  2. Interpersonal dimension – communication skills training and co-creation
  3. Pet Relationship – Building relations of respect and cooperation with the animals
  4. Environmental Education – Reconnection with nature and prevention of the Nature Deficit syndrome
  5. Communitarian dimension – Promotion of “Earth citizenship”, participatory planning and search of new lifestyles
  6. Organizations – Science and art of complexity applied to organizational renewal
  7. Transpersonal dimension – Green Mindfulness: exploration beyond the boundaries of personal identity to enter into dialogue with thinner levels of consciousness


Each strand develops its peculiar labor practices and is applied in personal growth courses, education, therapy, job orientation, community events, staff training guides parks and pet therapy; and also in paths toward a broader consciousness.


Italian psychologist, supervisor counselor and journalist. Promotes Ecopsychology in Italy since 1996. She studied with a direct student of Roberto Assagioli and works in training for personal growth in the professional and business. She completed her education with seminars and vocational retraining in California, Holland and Spain, with some of the most important figures in this field: Fritjof Capra, Joanna Macy, Molly Young Brown and Anna Halprin.


She is co- founder and teacher of the CREA, School of humanistic and existential Counseling, in Milan. She founded in 2004 and heads in Osnago (Lc), “Ecopsiché”, the Italian School of Ecopsychology, that combines personal awareness and environmental ethics.


The School offers training and refresher courses for professionals in the world of psychology and education, training group leadership and personal growth “in nature, with nature, for nature.”


She is member of the board of the European Ecopsychology Society (EES) and has been the president from 2009 to 2012.


Author of numerous books on self realization, among them: “Ecopsychology – Personal Growth and Environmental Awareness” (Urra-Feltrinelli 2006, in Italian).


Ecopsiché Scuola di Ecopsicologia, since 2004
European and Regional projects in Ecopsychology since 2009
Professional Website: http://www.ecopsicologia.it