5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Psychologist, Gestalt-Therapist, MSc in Psychology and Culture, PhD in Sustainable Development, Charter in Brasil,
BRASIL (English-Portuguese)

OTHON HENRY LEONARDOS, Geologist MA, PhD BRASIL (English-Portuguese)
SECTION: Native cultures
TITLE: Is Present-day Narcissism the Announcement of a New Diluvium?

Diluvium myths are present in the genesis of cultures in all continents. In this presentation we discuss generalized present- day narcissism behavior in Brazilian and Western Cultures in relation to Greek and native Brazilian diluvium myths.Departing from native myths as Pacha mama and mother Earth these myths portray ethic and subjective connections between psychic disorders and apparent abnormal natural phenomena. From both geological and biological point of view the large extinction periods were caused by natural phenomena. But what the present day unsustainability crisis is showing is a clear human interference in the state of equilibrium among the superficial spheres of the planet such as the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere enhancing or triggering sea level rising at much faster rates. Such unsustainability crisis may bring new dimensions towards the relationships between human subjectivity and Nature disclosing the modernity and universality of cataclysmic myths.

Marco Bilibio is a Clinical Psychologist since 1997 working in private clinic in Brasilia, Brasil. Gestalt-Therapist with papers presented in International, National and Regional Congresses in Gestalt about the dialog between Gestalt and Ecopsychology. His PhD in Sustainable Development (2013) was about Ecopsychology and sustanaibility. He is the representative of European Ecopsychology Society in Brasil. IHe read about Ecopsychology in 2004 when he was in Master degree in Universidade de Brasilia, and begun talk about it in congresses, seminars, workshops, tv and radio interviews and programs. He was a pioneer in Ecopsychology in Brasil. He gave workshops and create the Brasilian Ecopsychology Web. Two Brazilian Gestalt-therapy centers, in Brasilia and Florianópolis offer Ecopsychology and Gestalt Seminars to their students as a consequence of his work.

Othon H. Leonardos, 72 is a geology graduated by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, master of arts by University of California, Berkeley and Ph.D. by University of Manchester, UK. He is a senior member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and a full and emeritus professor at the University of Brasília teaching at the Center for Sustainable Development and coordinating up to now a professional master course on indigenous sustainable development. He has taught a dozen disciplines in the Earth Sciences Institute up to 1996 and from then on Earth physiology and sustainable development at the Center for Sustainable Development at the University of Brasilia. He has written over 200 papers on Earth Sciences. In the last decades he has written on nature and human nature with a transdisciplinary approach, often integrating mythological dimensions.