5th International Conference of Ecopsychology



Geologist, ITALY (Italian)


SECTION: Personal growth and Ecological Relationships
TITLE: Deep Eco, Slow Mind
“Deep Eco Slow Mind (DeEpSMind) – is “opportunity that has a heart”, to go beyond the crisis and build ecological relationships with themselves, with the Earth and the multidimensional Universe.


It is a holistic-integrated method of ecopsychological approach, evolving.


It wants to be one of the creative ways to approach with consciousness, confidence and joy to L.I.F.E. (Living with and in nature, Raised where your self can be self, discover your Talents, Implements your path) – V.I.T.A (Vivi con e nella natura, Innalzati laddove il tuo Sé può essere Sé , scopri i tuoi Talenti, Attua il tuo cammino), especially at this time that humanity is experiencing, in which there is a strong need and the necessity for individual, social and environmental well-being, to promote the “reintegration” and cross that fine line, that we are to place, between the “Want to be Self and Be it”, between the “Intuition and awareness”, between “the Attempt and the Choice” to build really the world we want.


I have a degree in geological sciences at the Università di Pavia, in the year 1995.

I have a master’s degree in Conducting Parks at the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, in the 2001.

I received training in “Education and Interpretation of Heritage” at several National Parks, in Italy.

Since 2009, I follow the Pragrama Evolucion Consciente(c) Paloma Cabadas.

I am a facilitator of Family Constellations (Metodo Simboloimmaginale)

For about 15 years, I lead experiential activities in nature, ecopsycological, and Education and Interpretation environment. I am the author of a holistic approach “Deep Eco Slow Mind”


I’m Ecotuner in training. For about 15 years I design and make activities with ecopsycological approach.