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At a glance

What is Ecopsychology

After so many years of psychotherapy and the developing theories about the human soul and its structure, it makes us wonder why since we found the solution through psychotherapy, there is always an increase in mental health problems to human beings. Modern Western man has been sidetracked by the biological[…]

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Ecopsychology and children

Global studies have shown the benefits of the activities of children in nature, in emotional, cognitive and social skills. It is noticed that in modern world, children isolate their interest in education and technology, offering them one-dimensional development in their personality and lead them to a “social autism”, where their[…]

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Actions of HES

The company is the only Greek organization that was founded with the aim of realizing the benefits of Ecopsychology through seminars, conferences, workshops and training in Greece as the exclusive affiliate member  of the European Ecopsychology Society in our country. To whom is Ecopsychology addressed to? To adults and adolescents[…]

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«Natural life is the nourishing soil of the soul»

CARL G.JUNG (1875-1961) Ecopsychology aims to re-define human existence through natural awakening for adults and children, in order to develop a healthy personality with mental and physical health and promotes the development of cognitive, mental and social skills. This is achieved through specially designed seminars and experiential exercises in the[…]

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